Balancing in the Space Between

“Don’t rush it. Take your time and enjoy your transitions.”

She meant from low lunge to downward facing dog, but I couldn’t help pausing to think about the anxiety I was experiencing over a particular transition in my life. Call me a control freak, but I like quick turn around times; I prefer to go from A to Z without having to deal with all the letters in between.

The unknowns.

The not-yets and what-ifs.

Balancing in the space between.

Finding grace and ease in the transitions takes a lot of work. For me, it means overcoming the fear of what other people think. Change can look messy, it’s rarely ever nice and neat. Being okay with that is a challenge for me. I don’t want people to think I don’t have my shit together or that I don’t know what I’m doing.

But I’m learning that what other people think of me is more a reflection of themselves than it is a truth about me.

Understanding that allows me to let go of what others think, to really embrace the transition and trust the process. Easier said than done? Yes. But it’s possible!

One thing that has really helped me is to learn how to slow down. When things are changing, even when it’s good change, my instinct is to take control and make it happen; to rush things. Life just doesn’t work that way though. You can’t always force your way, especially when it involves other people (which it usually does).

So I try to create moments of stillness whenever I can, whether it’s a few minutes when I first get up or the drive to work or standing in line at the grocery store. Instead of mentally reviewing my to-do list or pondering every little thing that can go wrong, I just allow myself a moment to be. Allow everything to be just as it is, whatever that looks like and however that feels. Just let it be, let myself be, and allow that to be okay.

Those moments of stillness have taught me how to loosen my grip a little. They have taught me to appreciate the good that is right in front of me. Often, these moments of stillness have turned into times of overwhelming gratitude. When I can get myself to that place, it’s there where I am able to relax into the transition and start to enjoy it.

Moving at my own pace. Being still. Taking it all in with a big breath of gratitude. These are all things I’m working on during the transitions in life. When the transition becomes an experience unto itself, everything becomes a little less rigid and a little more fluid. Things start to unfold a bit more naturally.

It is a challenge, to be sure. But I continue to come back to those quiet moments and reconnect with my breath, my heart. Eventually in that transitional space I find joy and maybe even a little peace.




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