31 Self-Care Activities

Taking time for self-care is vital to our well being; making it a habit – a regular practice – can be a total game changer. There are certain self-care activities that I try to work into my every day routine, like drinking warm lemon water in the morning and fitting in a yoga session each day. But on the weekend or the occasional free time, I like to incorporate something extra.

Below is my go-to list of self-care activities. I keep it handy so that in those moments of free time, I can reference it and find something that works. Whether you have five minutes or an entire weekend, you’re sure to find something on this list.

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  1. Gentle Yoga – this Intro to Yin Yoga video is amazing!
  2. Read a new book.
  3. Watch your favorite TV shows.
  4. Go to the local coffee shop.
  5. Bake something – try a new recipe or an old favorite!
  6. Meditate – not sure how? Check out this book!
  7. Turn your phone off for 1 hour.
  8. Take a long, hot shower.
  9. Paint your nails or go get a pedicure!
  10. Deep condition your hair.
  11. Dance around the house to your favorite upbeat music.
  12. Go for a leisurely walk.
  13. Watch a funny movie or stand up comedy show.
  14. Make a smoothie (green power smoothies are my fave!)
  15. Go to the lake or beach.
  16. Watch the sunset.
  17. Write in your journal.
  18. Read something inspiring.
  19. Take a nap.
  20. Go for a drive.
  21. Eat at your favorite restaurant or get your favorite take-out.
  22. Stay in your pajamas all day.
  23. Have some warm tea (Chamomile is very calming!)
  24. Write a gratitude list.
  25. Make breakfast for dinner!
  26. Play cards.
  27. Write down 5 things you like about yourself.
  28. Eat chocolate.
  29. Listen to a funny or inspiring pod cast.
  30. Buy an adult coloring book & colored pencils.
  31. Write an empowering quote on a sticky note & put it on your mirror.


These are my 31 go-to self-care activities. Do you have any that aren’t on this list? Share in the comments below!





15 thoughts on “31 Self-Care Activities

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  1. Hi! How are you? I follow your blog because it is very interesting and inspiring.This really great health care tips. I really love it. How’s your day going? I hope we could be friends. I can’t wait to read your upcoming blog post. Have a good day ahead!


  2. I love all things self-care. For years as a mom and wife I’ve put myself last only to realize I was the one tired, hungry and without nice things to wear. I realize it’s not all about that, however I’ve always put myself last when it comes to treating myself to things. I always let my kids eat my food when they finished theirs. It has led to a tired and longing mom. No more though! I’ve decided to take steps to bettering my own health, education, peace of mind… even being selfish with my own food and buying myself things from time to time. This is a great list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good for you! It’s important to remember that self-care isn’t selfish! It’s vital for our own health and our ability to serve those around us (including those little ones you’re responsible for) ❤❤


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