Yoga for Loneliness

I was feeling kind of lonely this morning. Which is odd because I’m not alone. My husband lives here (lucky for him) and we actually had company last night. There’s no shortage of people in my life.

But this morning I just felt alone. Maybe a little too in my own head. Maybe a little sad. A little down for no particular reason.

So I did what I always do when I need to tend to it (and when I’m not really sure what else to do): I rolled out my yoga mat. Because no matter the situation, I’ve found, there is always yoga for that.


Yoga for Loneliness

Today’s yoga video: Yoga for Loneliness


My yoga practice today was gentle. It was slow and mindful, full of deep breaths and connecting to how I felt in the moment. Honestly, when I feel like I do right now, connecting to that isn’t something I really want to do. Who wants to acknowledge that they’re lonely and really feel it out?

But I did. I dropped the struggle and embraced the emotions that had surfaced. I found a deep compassion for myself and realized it was okay to allow space for these feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and uncertainty. I allowed them. I saw them. And I didn’t judge.

There is an incredible power in holding space for myself – in whatever shape that takes each day (and it looks different every day. So different.)

I have a tendency to stuff down all the emotions I don’t like, or think I shouldn’t feel. Loneliness. Anger. Jealousy. Fear. Sadness. Even happiness, sometimes. Whatever I’m feeling that I either don’t want to feel or think I shouldn’t feel, gets shoved down and pushed through.

Except that we all know emotions don’t work like that. And eventually they will surface, sometimes in disastrous ways.

And so I’m learning to allow space for those feelings. I’m working out the process, cultivating a healthier relationship with myself, finding ways to release it all onto the mat so I don’t implode.

That’s what today was about. Giving myself permission to be lonely. To feel it. Meet it with compassion. And eventually move through it.

I feel a hundred times better after my yoga practice today, but I’ll be honest, that’s not always the case. Sometimes I practice and the feeling is still there or it’s amplified, even. I’ve learned that that’s okay. Roll with it. Stay connected to yourself and trust the process. Be open. Everything happens in its own time.

Keep coming back to the mat.

How do YOU deal with loneliness? What keeps you coming back to the mat? Share in the comments below!



Side note about today’s yoga video: I love the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel because there is literally a yoga video for everything you can imagine. And, bonus, they’re all free. I’ve been practicing yoga as a part of the Yoga with Adriene and Find What Feels Good community for years. I love her down-to-earth teaching style, her humor, and her compassion. She’s the real deal, folks. (And no, I’m not getting paid to say that.)



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6 thoughts on “Yoga for Loneliness

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  1. Thanks for your post – I love adrienne’s videos. I think she’s unique because she really reaches out to beginners and none of her videos are intimidating, advanced or obnoxious like so many yoga videos out there. Loneliness is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. I have nobody that I would call a friend and I’m soon to return to uni where I am my most isolated, which to an extent I have to force on myself to get stuff done. I have worked on getting myself out there which is a slow process particularly because of my anxiety, but I just get really impatient sometimes. The one thing I love about yoga is that it’s always there for you – and it makes me feel less alone to listen along to somebody guiding me through a yoga video when I’m at home. I also go on a mental health forum called Elefriends where I may express myself when I’m feeling alone and that can help somewhat, depending on the day and what’s on my mind. I’m actually new to blogging so just trying to find my feet and am using it as a diary, which has also been quite refreshing and insightful.

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  2. I have been thinking about starting yoga with my little girls at home. My three year old has a temper, and I am at the point where I am trying to find something that will help her relax! This just motivates me to start yoga with my girls in the morning! ☺️ Thanks for the great post! 👍🏼

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