About Me

I have worked in Office Administration roles for 15 years. I’ve run the gamut from Receptionist to Executive Assistant, Sales Team Assistant, and Systems Manager.

Running things behind the scenes (and sometimes in front) and helping organizations flow seamlessly has been my jam for over a decade. I’ve been the face, the brains, the many hands, and a sturdy backbone to get things done.

Navigating those roles as a women has presented it’s own unique issues; ones that aren’t always addressed or discussed in helpful ways. And that’s precisely where I aim to make a difference now.

Too many women have gone before, struggled, fought, and overcome hurdles that others are still battling.

Let’s talk about it. Get it out there. Share our knowledge in ways that illuminates and guides each other to a more successful and fulfilling career and life.

That’s my goal. Let’s work together to make it happen!

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