Yoga for Loneliness

I was feeling kind of lonely this morning. Which is odd because I’m not alone. My husband lives here (lucky for him) and we actually had company last night. There’s no shortage of people in my life. But this morning I just felt alone. Maybe a little too in my own head. Maybe a little... Continue Reading →

Stress Relief for Busy Weeknights

We've all been there. Work is stressful, you have a million things to do once you get home, and there's no break (or sleep) in sight. Weeknights in particular can be super stressful with so much to do in such a limited amount of time. So how do you keep yourself from completely burning out?... Continue Reading →

How to Deal With Difficult Emotions

We all go through times when difficult emotions arise and we have trouble working through them. It's a part of being human and interacting with each other. Some times we get hurt or we hurt others, we get jealous or angry, we become paralyzed with fear or grief. Learning to navigate these feelings and work... Continue Reading →

A Self-Care Guide for Difficult Times

These are, in fact, difficult times. Social injustice, racism, terrorism, hate. It's everywhere: news, social media, television. It's always in the challenging times, the times of crisis, when we tend to lose hope and gain fear. Or we get angry. Or we just start to lose ourselves. And we feel there is no outlet. In... Continue Reading →

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