My Summer Reading List

Now that summer is officially upon us, it's time to enjoy the sunshine and take advantage of the longer days. Whether that means you're out of school for the summer or you'll be taking a vacation from work, now is the time to relax and refresh - truly embrace the season. A great way to... Continue Reading →

5 Morning Routine Essentials

Not everyone was blessed with the "morning person" gene. Certainly not me. I prefer to hit snooze at least five times. The thought of putting my alarm clock across the room to force myself to get up is like forcing a five year old to walk through an ice cream shop without getting him a... Continue Reading →

31 Self-Care Activities

Taking time for self-care is vital to our well being; making it a habit - a regular practice - can be a total game changer. There are certain self-care activities that I try to work into my every day routine, like drinking warm lemon water in the morning and fitting in a yoga session each day.... Continue Reading →

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