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Mindfulness Exercises5 Mindfulness Exercises to Reduce Everyday Stress

It’s no secret that we are busy people these days. It’s virtually impossible to avoid the constant stress of life. So how do you manage your day to day activities without it ending in burnout? If you think “mindfulness” sounds like a pie-in-the-sky idea when it comes to your crazy schedule, take a moment to consider these five mindfulness exercises. You can do them anywhere and fit them into any schedule. [Read full article]



Glossy Cover _ WHM Get InvolvedWomen’s History Month: Don’t Just Celebrate, Become a Part of It…

March is Women’s History Month and there is plenty of celebration to be had! But is it enough to acknowledge women’s history for 31 days and then move on? This year, instead of just reading about women and honoring those who have gone before, why not find ways you can get involved and become a part of that history. [Read full article]



3 Simple Ways to Slow Down

3 Simple Ways to Slow Down During the Day

Life is busy. There’s no getting around it. Everyone has different responsibilities, people in their life to care for, jobs to do, and sometimes second or third jobs. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness and rush of every day. [Read full article]



Glossy Cover _ Yoga for Runners4 Surprising Benefits of Yoga for Runners…

As a runner, you have to be physically and mentally tough. You have to find your rhythm and control the breath. You also need to be able to constantly condition your muscles and tend to any strain or soreness. Yoga for runners can assist in all of those things. Furthermore, it can help you increase time and distance, and keep you healthy long term. [Read full article]



5 Ways to be More Present

5 Ways to be More Present

Learning how to be present and truly live in the moment is an ongoing process for me, but it’s one that has changed everything. I enjoy life more, my relationships are deeper and I find more meaning in every day things. It’s hard to turn off my crazy monkey mind but here are five simple tools I’ve picked up along the way that might help you, too. [Read full article]



Glossy Cover _ Mindfulness MeditationHow to Use Mindful Meditation to Calm Anxiety…

If you deal with anxiety, you know just how crippling it can be to your day to day life. It affects your work, relationships, and overall well-being. It can seem like a never ending battle. All can seem hopeless. However, more and more studies are showing the effectiveness of meditation for anxiety. Meditation can help calm anxiety and perhaps re-wire your brain to avoid anxiety altogether. Here are five ways to use mindful meditation to calm anxiety. [Read full article]


Glossy Cover _ Yoga Improves Workout5 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Workouts…

Whether you’re a runner, weightlifter, or HIIT obsessed, including yoga in your weekly routine can balance out your workout regime. You don’t have to be super flexible or even knowledgeable about yoga to begin implementing it and reaping its benefits. Check out these five ways yoga can improve your overall fitness and take your workout to the next level. [Read full article]

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